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Many experts expect the social commerce market to flourish in 2014. How can retailers monetise their presence on various social media channels?

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How Kim Kardashian conquered mobile gaming with copy-paste
Mon, 28/07/14 – 6:30 | No Comment

Right now, one of the top games in the iOS App Store is Kim Kardashian: Hollywood. This game came out of nowhere and suddenly became a smash hit, despite, one critic comments, “..having about as much depth as its namesake.”

Personal jibes aside, though, the game is a runaway for sure. It combines a smart mix of thoughtful graphics, name-recognition, and celebrity tie-ins beyond Mrs. West herself. It also seems to draw in many more people than just fans of the reality TV star.

And it does all of that without being based on anything new or exciting in terms of development and programming. It’s almost literally, the game’s creator says, a cut-paste job from another popular game.

According to Glu Canada’s Christopher Locke, who developed the game, most of the game’s platform was already there thanks to the Blammo Custom Framework used in games like Stardom: The A-List and Stardom: Hollywood. Why change things if what you’re doing already works? Right?

In an interview with Gamasutra, Locke says it bluntly: “The Stardom series had already proven successful and we believed that could be amplified through a partnership with Mrs. Kardashian West.

“It looks like we were right — her brand is a perfect fit with the game’s premise, and fans love it. The game has a 5-star review average on the App Store, which is something you don’t typically see with top-grossing games. I’m especially proud that the “rubberneckers” (those who downloaded the game for ironic reasons) are getting sucked into the experience and rating it highly!”
In other words: they already had a working product that fit this game’s premise perfectly. All they needed were new graphics and some added storylines. Perfect!
This, folks, is how you make something great keep paying off. It’s a strategy as old as gaming itself.

No, Microsoft is not making a Google Glass killer
Tue, 15/07/14 – 1:01 | No Comment

Microsoft is working on a wearable headband that can communicate with a smart phone and other devices, but contrary to rumor, the Alice Band is not a “Google Glass killer.”
The device is, instead, an experiment …

Samsung forecast slowing smartphone market
Fri, 11/07/14 – 9:54 | No Comment

Samsung expects its operating profit and sales to decline in the second quarter over the same period last year.

Google Glass can be used for hacking, says experts
Fri, 11/07/14 – 9:48 | No Comment

Devices with video-capturing capabilities, particularly Google Glass, can uncover the PIN code of your tablet or smartphone, according to cyber forensics experts working at the University of Massachusetts in Lowell.

In Hong Kong’s subway, your boss is a computer
Mon, 7/07/14 – 11:01 | No Comment

Every night, the Hong Kong subway system undergoes maintenance and engineering repairs, just as does every other subway system in the world. Unlike the others, though, the HK subway’s engineering team has a unique supervisor. …

Smartphones more vital than deodorant and toothbrushes
Fri, 4/07/14 – 8:55 | No Comment

Nearly half of all adults in the United States say they would not be able to endure a single day without using a smartphone, according to a research commissioned by the Bank of America.

“Buy now” button spotted on Twitter
Fri, 4/07/14 – 8:53 | No Comment

Tweets with a “Buy now” button temporarily surfaced on Twitter, reported tech news site Recode. However, nothing happened when users clicked on the button.

Supreme Court says ‘no’ to Google Street View appeal
Mon, 30/06/14 – 16:54 | No Comment

Google attempted to appeal a lower court’s decision to allow a class-action lawsuit against Street View to go ahead, but the Supreme Court says it doesn’t need to look at the case and so it …

Chatbot passes Turing Test
Mon, 9/06/14 – 2:18 | No Comment

In what is both ground-breaking and unsettling news, a Russian chatterbot dubbed “Eugene Goostman” has become the first to pass the Turing Test. This intelligence assessment, started in 1950 by Alan Turing, the mathematician and …

Spotify adds Djay as it continues growing
Mon, 26/05/14 – 13:29 | No Comment

The hottest music streaming service right now? Hard to say, but with ten million paying subscribers, an extensive music collection, and apps for nearly every platform, it’d be hard to choose a service other than …

Should retailers opt for Twitter, Pinterest or Facebook?
Fri, 23/05/14 – 8:11 | No Comment

Retail firms that are relying on social media networks to boost their sales could be wasting their time. Portals like Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook have millions of monthly users, but only a small percentage are actually buying from retailers.

Google acquires mobile device management start-up Divide
Fri, 23/05/14 – 8:09 | No Comment

Google has acquired Divide, a start-up that helps firms manage mobile devices, which are increasingly being used by employees to get their jobs done.

After failing to acquire Snapchat, Facebook reportedly building its own
Mon, 19/05/14 – 6:00 | No Comment

The current rumor is that Facebook is not happy that it failed to buy video and picture messaging app Snapchat last year, despite a $3 billion reported offer. Seeing the writing on the wall, it …