“Buy now” button spotted on Twitter

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Tweets with a “Buy now” button temporarily surfaced on Twitter, reported tech news site Recode. However, nothing happened when users clicked on the button.

The button, which appeared in both the expanded tweet and Timeline view, included products that are linked back to shopping site Fancy. However, the button only appears on the mobile version of the site.

Recode speculated that the button could have been an experiment for the service, or it might have been an accidental release. It also offered a glimpse into Twitter’s plans to create a new revenue source.

Currently, the social media site relies on sponsored tweets to generate revenue.

The “Buy now” button is somewhat similar to the “Download” button that pops up in app-install ads.

In April, Wall Street Journal reported that Twitter is testing a “click-to-call” button that will connect users to the company publishing the tweet. It also said that multiple ad types, including shoppable Twitter ads, were on the way.

Social media sites like Fancy are trying their luck at social shopping. The fashion shopping site Polyvore has been using a buy button and enjoying some success from this model for several years.

Although Twitter’s text-friendly form might appear to be less appealing to shoppers, interest from various brands has continuously grown.

Amazon launched a shopping campaign this year on Twitter that allowed users to place items into their Amazon shopping carts by simply tweeting #AmazonCart in response to tweets containing an Amazon product link.

Startup Chirpify also conducted shopping campaigns on various social media sites, including Twitter, that enabled users to buy items by tweeting a keyword.

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