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Bitcoin’s value continued to fall over the weekend, declining to as low as $265 apiece on Sunday, with other major cryptocurrencies following suit, according to the International Business Times.

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Article Archive for September 2012

Wall posts on blocked Facebook friends can never be deleted
Friday, 28 Sep, 2012 – 9:30 | No Comment

A Facebook bug has been found recently that lets you create posts on your friends’ walls that can never be deleted.

Samsung officially unveils oversized Galaxy Note II
Friday, 28 Sep, 2012 – 9:29 | No Comment

A week after Apple unveiled its iPhone 5, Samsung has unveiled the latest version of its smartphone: an oversized Galaxy Note II.

The best mobile phones for business
Friday, 28 Sep, 2012 – 9:22 | No Comment

Though the world once thought the term, business phone, referred to the landline found in the actual office, today it is commonly regarded as being the mobile phone used by a business person that is on the move.

Great tools for business support
Wednesday, 26 Sep, 2012 – 8:13 | No Comment

To drive a nail, a hammer is needed; to turn a bolt, a spanner is essential; cutting wood requires a saw. Having high-quality, effective tools is as critical to business as it is to joinery. …

Mind Control Is the Future
Monday, 24 Sep, 2012 – 6:59 | No Comment
Mind Control Is the Future

Long the subject of conspiracies and far-out theories about how everything unexplained may be explained, mind control is not as futuristic as we might think.  In fact, it’s the subject of serious study and has …

Traveling with my green dot credit card
Thursday, 20 Sep, 2012 – 8:20 | No Comment

Major changes to the way vacationers pay for their trips abroad mean that the use of travelers’ checks, once the main means of payment when overseas, is declining rapidly.

iHelp Plus – New Name, Same Great App
Monday, 17 Sep, 2012 – 7:06 | No Comment
iHelp Plus – New Name, Same Great App

This is the new version of an app that has been around for a little while.  Now called iHelp+, this app is what I consider the premium in emergency contact and alerts applications for your …

Apple’s thinnest iPhone 5 features wider screen
Friday, 14 Sep, 2012 – 10:51 | No Comment

Looking for a slimmer smartphone with a bigger screen?

Spend time wisely with new iPhone app Chronos
Friday, 14 Sep, 2012 – 10:50 | No Comment

Have you ever wondered how much time you spend with someone or on each task you have to juggle in a day?

FCC Backs Off On Internet Tax
Monday, 10 Sep, 2012 – 7:16 | No Comment

The Federal Communications Commission had (yet again) proposed to tax broadband Internet service in the same way they tax phone services.  After public outcry over the issue, however, they’ve backed off on the idea.
This has …

Not all Facebook apps secure your personal information
Friday, 7 Sep, 2012 – 10:29 | No Comment

Are you sure that all the applications you install on Facebook are secured? You better think twice, as some of them can post things to your account without your permission.

Hackers describe hacking Romney’s tax returns on website
Friday, 7 Sep, 2012 – 10:21 | No Comment

Much buzz has been created by reports that US presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s tax returns have been hacked.