35 per cent of Brits keen on drone delivery

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A significant proportion of UK adults believe that drone delivery could work for them, according to study by British freight company MetaPack.

In particular, Britons aged 18 to 24 are three times more likely to avail of this service than those older than 55, according to research that polled 500 UK adults.

The most notable discovery is that 69 per cent of respondents are keen on one-hour delivery. 73 per cent of the subjects would also like to try Sunday delivery, while 76 per cent would like to get their package on the same day they order it.

Despite the openness to the idea of drone delivery, a large percentage of Brits have complained about how their packages are delivered.

For example, about 33 per cent had to file a work leave in order to wait for their items, while a similar percentage has reported a missed delivery card, despite being in their own home waiting for the parcel to arrive. 28 per cent found their package at a wrong place, while 39 per cent wasted an entire day to wait for a delivery that never came.

“Millennials have long been reported to experience a fear of missing out – analysts call this phenomenon FOMO,” said MetaPack’s Marketing & Strategy Director Angela O’Connell.

“But in the world of ecommerce, FOMD (fear of missed delivery) is the real threat. Now retailers are under pressure to get the delivery experience just right, particularly as consumers get increasingly demanding for more flexibility, convenience and control.”

She added that this could inspire more innovation among retailers.

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