46 per cent of smartphone users can’t imagine life without their phone

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Smartphones are becoming an integral part of everyday life. In fact, a Gallup survey has revealed that around 46 per cent of Americans say that they cannot imagine life without their smartphones.

Conducted between 17 April and 18 May 2015, the study showed that smartphone attachment is more widespread among women (51 per cent) than men (41 per cent). In addition, younger users are more attached than older adults.

Adults using iPhones are more likely to feel that their life revolves around their smartphone; 52 per cent of iPhone users feel this way, compared to just 43 per cent of Android users.

Many smartphone users indicated that being separated from their devices can be stressful for them. A previous Gallup report revealed that four out of five smartphone users regularly keep their device nearby, with nearly as many checking their phones at least every hour. Three out of five even go as far as to keep their phone nearby while sleeping.

Therefore, it comes as no surprise that 42 per cent of smartphone users indicated that losing their phone and not replacing it for a day would make them very (10 per cent) or somewhat (32 per cent) anxious. In contrast, 29 per cent indicated that this would not make them anxious at all.

The survey showed that young women were the most likely group to be anxious if forced to spend a day without their smartphone. In fact, almost six out of ten women younger than 30 believe that spending a day without their device would make them somewhat or very anxious.

Meanwhile, 70 per cent of smartphone users believe that the device makes their life better, while 25 per cent said smartphones made their life neither worse nor better.

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