After downfall, Zynga will be on mobile soon

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Zynga, the maker of popular online games such as FarmVille and The Ville, has been in the middle of a controversy after its CEO Mark Pincus admitted that the company did not achieve its goal for growth, resulting in the layoff of over 100 employees. The situation became so bad that the company needed to close offices in Japan and the UK following the shutdown of its studios in Austin and Boston.

According to reports, Pincus mentioned two major reasons for the company revenue’s decline. One is the rapid growth of mobile gaming, which the company didn’t anticipate, and the other is game execution, wherein the company did not create new features and concepts to retain interest in its games.

Despite the recent problems, Pincus is still optimistic that the business will eventually turn its fortunes around and is quick to point out the success of FarmVille 2, which already has 60 million monthly active users and 500,000 unique gamers. These numbers are expected to grow.

To join the competition over mobile games, the company is planning to unveil four new games for mobile devices during each quarter in 2013. Furthermore, two new games for the web will also be launched. The company is also shifting its focus from casual gamers toward more involved gamers.

Zynga’s new approach toward diversification should help turn things around and keep the company afloat. The company hopes its new strategy will help the online game-maker rule over mobile games.

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