All Star Deals Tries Different Tack in Deals Market

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Watch out for more from a new daily deals site in the coming weeks and months.  While the name Groupon is now synonymous with daily deals, there is a new kid on the block by the name of All Star Deals.  It has a very different approach to daily deals to the other sites in the market, which is why it could prove to be a big success.

The basic idea is that the onus is on the site user to find the deals that people want to see.  This means if you join the site with the hope of finding good deals to take advantage of, you should be out looking for them as well.

This is certainly a new way of doing things, and the site has recognised that users need a little encouragement to get things done right.  To this end, they have decided that 8% of the proceeds of any deal will go to the user who created it in the first place. The remaining 92% is split between the merchant and the site itself.

Clearly, the idea is that the site’s users will take advantage of social media methods and networking to find and promote the deals they kick off.  The site will begin by focusing on three areas, in Washington DC, Tampa Bay and St Petersburg, and San Francisco.  If the trial is successful in these areas, it will be rolled out to other areas and states afterwards.

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