Alt12 releases new mobile commerce platform for moms

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One simple joy of being a mother is providing for a baby’s needs. This means scouting for products that are safe and efficient. This task is now a lot easier thanks to some clever apps available for smartphones.

A smartphone is not just useful for browsing nursery inspiration pictures and reading parenting blogs on the go. It can also be handy for finding parenting tips and shopping for baby products without having to turn on the computer.

However, the smartphone is most useful for parents when used as a device for combining social media and social commerce. Alt12 has announced a new social commerce platform that enables users to shop for maternity and health products directly from their line of apps. This saves already frazzled new parents a lot of time and can even be done during middle-of-the-night feedings!

Alt12, unveiled in 2009, is the creator of several apps for parenting, fertility and pregnancy. Their first app was the pregnancy social app called BabyBump, followed by PinkPad, the social app for women hoping to get pregnant. They are also the brains behind the social network for parents dubbed Kidfolio. All of these apps are expected to capitalise on the new mobile commerce platform.

Online parenting communities are essential for most new parents because they are a good source of advice from more experienced parents. One thing a lot of new parents seek is advice on specific products. This new platform will enable parents to discuss, discover and purchase products at the same time within the app.

With Alt12’s social commerce platform, parents will no longer have to look far to buy baby products they see online. A few quick clicks on a smartphone will take care of everything, leaving more time to spend with the baby or catch up on sleep.

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