Android apps to help you get things done

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With more than 700,000 applications offered in the Google Play Store, finding an Android app that can help you get things done can actually be overwhelming. In some cases, it might even be more time-consuming than the tasks themselves. Ars Technica recently sought the help of their readers to pick their personal choices for the most helpful task-related apps.

One of the more famous apps from the Google Play Store is ColorNote, an app that allows users to make mini sticky note widgets to remind them of their tasks each time they check their device. Although it may resemble a notepad, ColorNote is quite unique in that it can be password protected. Users can also assign a different alarm for every task using this free application.

Readers also raved about the Tasks app. Featuring widgets and due date reminders, this app can add a number of Google accounts to the phone instead of syncing to just a primary one. It can also be directly synchronized to tasks created by users in their Gmail accounts. However, enjoyment of the free version depends on how well you can dodge off advertisements.

Finally, the Activity Timer is an app that is perfect for individuals easily distracted from work who want to manage their tasks by breaking them into shifts. The app allows users to input their daily tasks and the time they have to spend to finish them. Users can begin the clock when they are ready to start their task, with the timer going off when they should finish. It also allows users to have enough rest as it divides daily activities into morning, afternoon and evening tasks. Its Time Log feature allows users to see how productive they have been for a certain period of time.

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