Angie’s Just Got Another $7 Million Dollar Listing

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Angie has another round of funding to add to their list.  Angieslist a privately held company out of Indianapolis, just raised $7 million, which comes on top of the $18 million they raised in venture debt about a month ago.

This latest round of financing comes from Prism Mezzanine Fund, which is based out of Chicago.  $6 million of this infusion, comes in the form of subordinated debt funding, and the other $1 million was in an equity investment.  BUT WAIT…….this money comes on top of the already $35 million previously raised earlier this year from Battery Ventures.  So if you total all their previous investments up, you will come to the sum of over $70 million since inception.  This puts each of their 750,000 members with a worth of $93 dollars.

Angie’s List is a user-generated local search site and review site for service providers in more then 400 categories.  Consumers come and share their ratings and review on local providers.  The service providers are unable to add their own services to the list.

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