Apple and Samsung back in court for retrial of damages

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Apple and Samsung are returning to federal court in California to determine the amount that the Korean company owes the Cupertino company for patent infringement.

Apple won a case against Samsung in August 2012, when a federal jury found the Korean company to have infringed on a number of Apple patents for its tablet and smartphone features. The jury ordered Samsung to pay over US$1 billion in damages.

However, US District Court Judge Lucy Koh slashed the award to about US$639 million in March. In her ruling, Koh said the jury had miscalculated the amount of damages awarded. Hence, the retrial is set to determine the amount that Samsung owes Apple in addition to the US$639 million.

Apple is expected to recoup the almost US$411 million in damages taken out from the previous finding that 28 phones from Samsung infringed on its patents. Some analysts even believe that Apple will ask for more than the original award of US$1 billion, reported Bloomberg.

The retrial is the latest development in the Apple-Samsung patent spat. Both companies have accused each other of infringing on design and technical patents, filing various suits across the globe.

While Apple has won more cases in the United States, Samsung emerged victorious in June in a case that would have seen older iPhones on the AT&T network blocked. The ban was later overturned by the Obama administration. In October, the administration refused to overturn a similar ban on Samsung products following a ruling by the International Trade Commission that the Korean company had infringed on Apple patents.

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