Apple, Samsung can’t rest on their laurels

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As Apple and Samsung give all in their rivalry for dominance in the smartphone market, the South Korean-based Samsung raked in more profits in Q2 than California-based Apple.

However, neither of the archrivals should rest on their laurels. They may have one-upped each other several times thanks to clever designs and high technology, but new competitors are emerging that will keep them on their toes.

According to the latest report by market research firm International Data Corporation (IDC), Samsung and Apple’s combined global smartphone market share fell to 43 per cent in Q2 compared to 49 per cent a year ago.

Other companies are starting to take a bigger share of the market. Some well-known brands are attempting a comeback, such as HTC, Nokia and Sony. New players like South Korea’s LG, China’s ZTE and Huawei are also starting to make waves.

“The story is no longer Apple versus Samsung,” said Forrester Research Analyst Bryan Wang. “Going forward, they will both face similar challenges.”

Buyers are trying handsets from other firms because the distinctions among smartphone brands are becoming less noticeable, according to experts.

The percentage of smartphones powered by Google’s Android OS keeps rising, while technical specifications are becoming more similar. For example, Sony’s Xperia Z, Samsung’s Galaxy S4 and several other phones all come with high-definition five-inch screens.

Interestingly, Samsung acknowledged that competition would become fiercer in Q3 as new models from other firms, such as LG, will enter the market.

“The strong growth streak for the smartphone market is expected to continue in the third quarter, albeit at a slower pace,” added the South Korean conglomerate.

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