Apple Watch online sales surpass 3 million

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As of July 10th, Apple has sold 3,039,353 units of its smartwatch in the US at an average cost of $505. The company started accepting pre-orders for the watch on April 10th, according to data from Slice Intelligence.

With 1,950,909 units moved, the Apple Watch Sport accounted for more than half of the sales thanks to its affordable price tag of $381. Meanwhile, 1,086,569 units of the stainless steel Apple Watch sold for an average price of US$695 during the three-month period.

As for the high-end Apple Watch Edition, 1,875 units were sold for an average price of $13,700. The watch ranges in price from $10,000 to $17,000 in the US. This model can be seen adorning the wrists of celebrities such as Drake, Beyonce, Katy Perry, Kanye West, and Pharrell Williams. The watch’s 18-karat gold case is twice as durable as standard gold, and the screen is protected by sapphire crystal.

Despite this success, Slice Intelligence estimated that online sales of the Apple Watch in the US declined from about 20,000 units per day in May to fewer than 10,000 units per day in June.

The market research company says it is “very confident” that its estimates are close to the actual online sales for the watch because its recent calculation is based on a sample size of around 22,000 buyers.

This is significantly greater than the sample size of around 9,000 clients that was used as the basis for estimating that the gadget’s pre-orders reached nearly 1 million on April 10th.

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