Ashton Kutcher Has Foursquare Account Hacked

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Actor Ashton Kutcher is famous for being a high profile tweeter on Twitter.  He also has a profile on Foursquare and it was this profile that was hacked over the weekend.  According to reports, his Twitter account was also affected, but it was the Foursquare account that pinpointed where his unscrupulous hacker actually was.

Foursquare enables users to pinpoint their location when they post an update to their account. When the hacker got into Ashton Kutcher’s account they made their location public, and it would seem as if Ashton knows what that location is. He later posted a tweet on Twitter warning the hacker that he knew his address and that he was coming for him.  No one knows what ultimately happened but it may have given the hacker pause.

Kutcher is known to be an investor in Foursquare so it remains to be seen whether this hacking incident is going to affect the popularity of the site.  Obviously, it will be embarrassing in more ways than one.  At the time of writing, none of the original tweets regarding the incident were appearing on Twitter.  However, Ashton did tweet a message on 16th January congratulating the security team on Foursquare.  This seemed to be a veiled reference to what had occurred to rectify the situation so he could regain control of his account there.

It is not the first time that someone has had their social media accounts hacked, but it may be the first time the hacker told everyone where they were.

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