Bfads Is Your Black Friday Survival Guide

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The retail writing is on the break room wall: Both brick-and-mortar and click-and-mortar storefronts are offering bigger and better savings this holiday season – and they’re doing it earlier than ever.

For the nation’s retailers, the news is sobering: Retail sales, which average a 4 percent spike each season, will likely suffer a year-over-year decline. But for opportunistic holiday shoppers, the news is better than hearing they’ll be able to borrow Aunt Gertie’s handicapped parking pass on the morning of Black Friday. is riding shotgun with your holiday shopping plans. Bfads, or Black Friday Ads, is a simple concept whose potential impact is exponentially raised by this season’s retailer dilemma. The website is basically an aggregator for store’s holiday ads, including Black Friday circulars and other seasonal fishwrap inserts. Additional features include customized shopping lists, a listing of top-ranked products and comparison pages, which allow you to track items across multiple retailers.

Viewed in a vacuum, has modest prospects, but this year – which is literally a make or break season for many in the retail industry – the website is your direct line to ridiculous holiday deals like we’ve never seen before.

Heck, maybe it’s finally time to snatch up that VCR.

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