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blipfm_lgStreaming music meets social networking at Much like Twitter, you can build a list of followers. Unlike Twitter, they can’t spam you (easily) with their latest get-rich-quick MLM scheme. Music only on this site.

Basically, most of the music available is stuff that people have posted on servers around the ‘Net for streaming. Most of it is promotional/radio versions and there are links to purchase individual songs and ringtones from various outlets like Amazon, iTunes, and other sites.

The service is relatively new and has its problems, of course. Some streams are broken, sometimes clicking to share on a service doesn’t work quite right, etc. For the most part, though, this beta release is working well and has becoming extremely popular amongst Twitter users. links with Twitter, Facebook, and just about every other social network of note. It can be used through the iPhone as well.

Basically, music is streamed through the site. Either music you search for the select or music randomly selected from your Blip stream of DJ friends. The latter can mean a widely varied, interesting listening experience. As each song completes, the next random selection is played.

Songs that you Blip are sent as posts on your social network sites, such as Twitter (as a Tweet with a link) or Facebook (note with a link). You can type your own message with these broadcasts. You can re-blip songs, send DJ’s props for good selections, and skip songs you don’t like.

Overall, this is a great app and it’s entirely web-based, so no plug-in or download to install. The service is free and their income comes from affiliate sales of music as well as on-board advertising on your page.

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