Can Facebook Profiles Really Be Predictors of a Solid Job Performance?

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Facebook profiles have long been problematic for some people – particularly when it comes to applying for jobs.  Many employers now include looking at social media profiles as part of their push to see which applicants are likely to be the best ones for any particular job.

Now a research experiment has shown that your Facebook profile could actually reveal a lot more about you than you might think.  The research showed that no matter how good or bad your Facebook profile is in terms of content, potential employers can look at it and get an accurate idea of your employability.  They will be able to gauge how you perform in different areas, such as emotional stability and conscientiousness.

As such, it is no longer useful simply to remove pictures and other items on your Facebook account that could be construed as being harmful to your chances of getting a job.  Now you must accept that the major signals to your personality and employability are there to witness anyway – regardless of how ‘clean’ your profile seems to be.

So far, there is no way of telling how many employers will look at the content on a Facebook page in this way.  It has been said that a lot of the information on these profiles would not normally be provided in an interview.  Employers have to be wary of relying too heavily on these profiles – just as employees have to be careful what they put on there.

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