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Messaging App as a Lifestyle Platform

A new product called LINE Life Global Gateway was recently announced, aimed at growing messaging app Line’s network of services. The strategy will see the expansion of services from simply communication to include e-commerce,

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BuzzFeed raises $50M in funding round

BuzzFeed draws about 150 million average monthly viewers and is most well-known for its short, bulleted or numbered lists of things that tend to go viral. Often, those lists are related to a company

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Neil Young wants to sell you a Hi-Fi iPod

Legendary rocker Neil Young is no stranger to future technology and fiddling with the implications. His LincVolt car, a converted 1959 Lincoln running on electricity and a generator powered by anything combustible, was straight

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Litecoin, the better Bitcoin option startups

Litecoin, the better Bitcoin option

Bitcoin gets all the attention when it comes to alternative currencies and the emerging strata of offerings in this very in-demand realm of finance. People the world over are tired of endlessly fluctuating currency

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BlackBerry unveils Q5 smartphone startups

BlackBerry unveils Q5 smartphone

The smartphone market has recently been dominated by Apple and Samsung. Now BlackBerry is hoping to join them at the top with the launch of its Q5, a low-cost, brightly coloured smartphone targeting emerging

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