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UK online sales picked up in April Scom news

UK online sales picked up in April

Online sales of non-food items in the United Kingdom increased by 15.4 per cent in April 2015, which is a notable increase from the 11.2 per cent recorded during the corresponding period last year.

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Google X executive moves to Oculus

The virtual reality company Oculus, owned by Facebook, have been busy in the last week hiring Google X’s Mary Lou Jepsen. Jepsen ran the research lab’s Display Division for three years but has agreed

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Google launches tool for games

Google has announced the release of two new tools for game developers on its Android platform. The tools include new analytics to help developers better understand in-game player behaviour. In addition, the tools include a

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Pinterest to hit 50 million users

Researcher eMarketer is set to announce that Pinterest, the visual bookmarking service, will reach a projected 47 million active monthly users in the U.S. this year. This will then top 50 million by next

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Palantir adds retail data to its portfolio

In acquiring Fancy That, Palantir has added retail and shopping information to its already successful data analytics platform. Currently used in sectors like finance, insurance research and healthcare, Palantir hopes to support retailers with

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