Chirpify adds Instagram to in-streaming commerce experience

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Social commerce and payments platform Chirpify is now even better after adding Instagram to its streaming commerce.

Along with the inclusion of Twitter in its in-stream commerce, the platform has something more to offer with the photo sharing site Instagram. Some brands such as Fearless Records, Love Social, Bogs footwear, and KEEN footwear as well as prominent figures like Kat Graham, Kat Von D, Invisible Children, and Meek Mill and Wale are soon to launch their social commerce campaigns on Twitter and Instagram via Chirpify.

With Chirpify, streaming commerce on Instagram will be quick by simply creating a listing straight from the Instagram app. For fundraising efforts, users can make a listing requesting a donation with an initial comment to “#InstaFund $amount”. As soon as the photo is posted, Chirpify will post back a comment that will show followers how to buy.

People who want to sell something can post a picture with a personalised comment to “#InstaSale $amount” and Chirpify will make a post that can be turned into a transaction by commenting back. Comments can suddenly be turned into speedy in-stream transactions.

In addition, users can also securely link Chirpify to Paypal accounts. Once this is set up, it will be a very simple process for users to comment on Instagram posts to instantly donate or buy. Chirpify will then send a secure download or receipt through email.

With all of these developments, buying, selling, or donating will become a lot easier for businesses and consumers without ever leaving Instagram.

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