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Chirpify expands to Facebook

Submitted by dave on Friday, 22 March 2013 No Comment

Facebook is everybody’s friend. Chirpify, an e-commerce platform that allows people to sell, buy and donate via social media sites, can now be added to the growing list of enterprises linked to the social network.

This update means that users at Facebook can sell physical and digital items, donate or ask for donations as well as offer freebies directly from the news feed. Utilising Chirpify’s dashboard, users can also make a list of products with their prices and other details that will be visible on the brand’s page and the news feeds of fans, according to reports.

Chirpify made its first splash on Facebook in February via a promo that enabled users to buy a deluxe edition of country singer Tim McGraw’s album entitled Two Lanes of Freedom.

Now, buyers can also check out other names and brands like Adidas, bands Owl City and Neon Trees, Major League Soccer club Portland Timbers and pro basketball team Portland Trailblazers.

Users who have registered for Chirpify can take advantage of a listing by simply typing “gimme”, “buy” or “donate” on the page’s comments section, based on the promo type. For example, you only need to type the word “buy” to take part in the Tim McGraw album sale and then the receipt will be sent to you via email.

However, users should remember that they need to input a valid PayPal or credit card number as well as shipping details for tangible goods. Chirpify also takes a five per cent cut of the item’s selling price.

Founded two years ago, Chirpify has transformed tweets into deals before expanding to Instagram and now to Facebook, where it can tap into its one billion global users.

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