Chirpify teams up with non-profit groups

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Greater Giving, a unit of Global Payments Inc., which provides credit card payment processing and fundraising solutions, has joined forces with Chirpify, the only social commerce platform that allows entities to buy, sell, fundraise and pay in-stream in  Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

Under this partnership, the company’s non-profit customers can now take advantage of Chirpify’s platform, which enables people to donate to not-for-profit groups just by replying or commenting on social media posts.

This platform enables non-profit organisations to quickly create fundraising and gift-giving campaigns via social media networks. All users have to do is reply “gimme” for giveaways and “donate” for donations. The campaign links can also be embedded easily into websites and campaigns so that non-profits can quickly reach a massive audience.

“We are excited about our new relationship with Chirpify,” said Sid Singh, Senior Vice President and General Manager for Worldwide Integrated Solutions at Global Payments.

“It is a great example of how we continue to look for opportunities for our customers to take advantage of the growing market and the power behind social media.”

For starters, Chirpify and Greater Giving launched a test program for local non-profit organisations to make unique and engaging campaigns through their social media accounts. Participants include Stiletto Stampede, The Shade Project, Metropolitan Performing Arts Academy and DoveLewis Emergency Animal Hospital.

DoveLewis unveiled an in-stream giveaway via Twitter and Facebook to help them promote terrific sponsors, future fundraising events and donation campaigns, noted Kate Goudschaal, Director of Communications for the non-profit emergency animal hospital in Oregon.

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