ClearSwift Research Says Most Companies Dislike Social Media Use at Work

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This should not come as a major surprise, but ClearSwift Research has delved into the processes put in place by managers in various companies to see whether social media use is still prevalent in the workplace.  According to the research, the vast majority of managers either banned the use of social networking sites altogether or closely monitored it to ensure it was not overused or used in the wrong way.

Back in 2010, 9% of firms blocked its use completely, but this year that figure has more than doubled to 19%.  However, this does not give us the whole picture.  The research found that 56% of managers block certain websites from being accessed on work computers.  In addition to this, 68% of bosses continually monitor their employees’ use of the internet, to ensure that work is completed and employees are not tempted to use the internet more than they should.

The research delved into many areas of social media, and revealed some interesting contrasts between the opinions of employees (who were also questioned on the topic) and their bosses.  For example, 48% of managers actually supported the use of social media sites in their businesses.  However, just one quarter of employees gave the same answer.  Clearly, there is a discrepancy here.

However, the research was well worth reading and gives a modern take on where bosses and employees stand when it comes to social media use.  It will be interesting to see how the figures stand next year.

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