Connecticut cities to have ultra high-speed internet

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Three Connecticut cities have unveiled plans to bring ultra high-speed internet service into the state by asking potential providers to submit information and qualifications.

Officials from Stamford, West Hartford and New Haven joined business leaders and state officials to announce the effort to bring gigabit, or “gig” internet, into the cities.

Gig networks provide homeowners, universities and businesses fast internet speeds of up to 1,000 megabits per second at a reduced cost compared to the average internet speeds of 9 Mbps.

The requests for qualifications are intended to create a world-leading gigabit-capable network in specific commercial corridors and residential areas “with demonstrated demand”. They are also intended to deliver 10 to 100 Mbps minimum service for free or at a reduced cost to disadvantaged or underserved areas.

The aforementioned cities are urging other municipalities to join the process via an open-access system.

In a statement, state Comptroller Kevin Lembo noted that the project is an important move toward making Connecticut the very first gigabit state.

“There’s no better example of how transformative gig Internet service can be than in Kansas City, where Google Fiber offers $70 a month Gig service,” said Charles Ward, chief information officer and technology analyst of a private investment company in West Hartford.

He noted that current internet providers in Kansas City have slashed their prices, even though they could not match the speed offered by Google Fiber. He also noted the increase in real estate prices there due to the emerging start-up scene.

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