Coolspotters: Where celeb stalking meets bank overdraft fees

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coolspotters.pngWhat is Tori Spelling eating for breakfast? What laptop is Justin Timberlake gaming on at LAX? And what shoes are Ed Westwick wearing in the mall food court? Wait a minute, who the hell is Ed Westwick???

This is the unofficial Coolspotters philosophy: You can’t have the fame or money of celebrities, but you can buy the same charm bracelet or cell phone as them. And if they’re accepting free stuff just to trot around in public with it, why shouldn’t you be paying for the same junk?

OK, ok, that’s a bit cynical and unfair. Considering the popularity of tabloid mags like “US Weekly” and blogs like PerezHilton, everyday Joe and Janes do want to associate themselves with semi-famous peeps by owning the same material goods as them, and who am I to judge? After all, I have the same haircut as Bruce Willis and the same car as Hiro from “Heroes.”

Coolspotters shows you which A, B, C and even D-listers have been spotted with which products, and of course, direct you to the appropriate site to purchase it yourself. And you can do more than window shop on the site by registering and creating your own “Spots,” which are D.I.Y. pairings of famous people and retail goods. For example, do you recognize which Taco Bell Gordita Brittany Spears is mowing down in an online paparazzi shot? If so, Spot it!


Coolspotters is a necessary offshoot of our celebrity obsessed culture. It does what it does as good as it can, which is really all you can ask.

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