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In nearly every business, online collaboration is becoming not just the norm, but mandatory.  Shared documents, research materials, conferencing, and more are all in the mainstream and are part of the daily work life for millions of people around the world.  There are no shortage of apps and websites catering to this need.

Crocodoc is a document-sharing site similar to Google Docs or Evernote, but with an important difference: it can use most any popular document type.  So you can share a PDF, Word DOC, PowerPoint, etc. with colleagues whether they have the same software to use it or not.

Crocodoc is not a markup/editing collaboration tool, however, but is instead a “review” tool.  Only the person posting (initiating) the shared document can make changes to it.  All others can leave Post-It style notes to comment on or make suggestions for the document’s changes, but cannot do this themselves.  In most situations of document collaboration, this is generally how things pan out anyway.

A working history of highlights and sticky notes is kept and Crocodoc can be used for both public documents and password-protected, sensitive documents, as you need.

The price of Crocodoc is more than reasonable at only $8/month (a free version is available, even without a signin) and the simple collaboration features that are missing from Google Docs and other popular options are great.  Definitely worth trying.

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