DIY firm Brit + Co combines tech with style

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When former Google staffer Brit Morin got married, she hired a programmer to develop an app that could help her manage her wedding plans. The app eventually grew and became Weduary, a platform that helps users design websites for weddings.

Inspired by this success, Morin started her own do-it-yourself (DIY) firm known as Brit + Co, which blends homemaking, crafting and a touch of tech.

Since its launch, Brit + Co has uploaded many how-to videos and step-by-step posts. She has also initiated projects requested by other people and sold various items including books, crafting starter kits and subscription boxes known as “Brit Kits”.

For US$20 a month, her start-up will send you a Brit Kit box packed with instructions and crafting materials for special projects such as gloves that won’t damage the screen of your mobile device. Recently, Brit + Co unveiled Brit’s Picks, a content aggregation feature that grabs content from 25 style and crafting sites including Smitten Kitchen, Style Me Pretty and Oh Happy Day. It then chooses the top posts and shares them with users of Brit + Co.

Morin explained that Brit + Co combined her interest in crafting, Silicon Valley’s tech culture and her passion for the Maker movement.

“There was really no voice or teacher, specifically on the female side, who was really sharing all of these new innovations with those inspired to live creatively,” she said.

Although the DIY projects are simple and can be completed quickly, they integrate cool gizmos such as laser and 3D printers, or wired elements like Arduino kits, a DIY computing and circuitry kit.

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