Doppler bags $17 million in Series B funding

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Doppler Labs has announced a successful Series B funding round with the company attracting investments totalling $17 million. The round was led by The Chernin Group, Wildcat Capital Management, and Acequia Capital. Live Nation Entertainment, Universal Music Group, and WME were also part of the round.

Doppler was founded by Noah Kraft and investor Fritz Lanman in 2013. The company has brought us the Dubs mechanical ear plug and the Here Active Listening system. The founders are keen to change the way users hear the world.

The Dubs mechanical ear was created to be worn in clubs to lower the decibel level without adversely affecting sound quality. Although the price seemed steep at $25 a piece, Doppler managed to shift 250,000 units.

The company pushed boundaries with their Here Active Listening system, which they released this year. The small earplug includes a computer, a microphone, and a speaker. Rather than listening to music, the plug is designed to allow users to control the sounds around them, such as engine noise, a building site, or airplane noise. The user can adjust the EQ settings to alter bass, mids, or treble, and they can add effects to create a vinyl-style crackle or an echo.

Fritz Lanman said: “The adaptive filtering engine and compression engine we’re developing is something no one has ever done before, and from a physics perspective, we have to achieve sufficient power and computational resources at a size and price point that is reasonable to the consumer.”

The latest funding round will allow Doppler labs to expand and further establish its market share.

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