eBay goes personal, mobile, global

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The entirely-redesigned “New eBay” has remained on top of all E-commerce companies, days after it was unveiled on Wednesday. With a new face, this version of eBay is slowly being rolled out to give all users a new online shopping experience.

Although it comes with a new look, eBay retains the good old marketplace buying system which made it popular, only now it comes with more convenience.

The company has also launched eBay Now, which will come with the company’s own carrier network. It will be using a separate application so that eBay will be informed exactly where a person is located so it can offer delivery on products within the hour in pilot cities

Meanwhile, the revamped eBay has a Pinterest-inspired layout and is getting to be more committed to mobile. It aims to lure more users not only from the US, but also from other countries, particularly the UK.

EBay’s CTO Mark Carges said that people’s fascination with doing business online using their mobiles encouraged them to make eBay more personal, mobile, and global to address that need.

The fresh design mainly aims to boost browsing to become more user-friendly and image-based. The move is eBay’s first step toward several larger changes to come, with the aim of bringing easy shopping with quick results to the masses.

With the new eBay, the people behind this successful e-commerce company believe that the revamped design will keep online marketing on track for S-commerce to grow further.

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