EE’s 4G-ready smartphones up for grabs now

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The UK’s leading digital communication company EE has unveiled its latest smartphones that are capable of 4G speeds. The phones are already for sale online as well as in person at T-Mobile and Orange stores.

The launch of the 4G-ready phones including the HTC One XL, Samsung Galaxy SIII LTE, and Huawei Ascend P1 LTE follows the big buzz over the newly-launched iPhone 5.

In the next few weeks, the EE brand will be launched and by then, customers of T-Mobile and Orange who have 4G-ready handsets will be able to choose to step up to the new 4G EE or stay on the current 3G network if they prefer.

Additionally, EE has confirmed that the Samsung Galaxy Note II LTE has now been added to its range of 4G-ready smartphones. With the Galaxy Note II LTE, everyday tasks like sending emails and annotating documents are made easier and more efficient. This is possible thanks to its host of features including a high tech S-Pen, Air View, S Planner, and S Note.

Available for purchase starting 15 October, the light and slim Samsung Galaxy Note II LTE also features a wide HD Super AMOLED display ideal for business meetings.

EE’s Pippa Dunn shared that the company is delighted to offer its customers the new selection of smartphones that are 4G-ready.

Dunn added that aside from being able to use the largest 3G network in the UK, users will now have the rare chance to be one of the first users of the very fast 4G network that will be unveiled by EE on 30 October.

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