Ensure social commerce success with different options

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For a business to thrive in e-commerce, it needs to integrate a social platform as a tool that will help achieve the desired social commerce goals.

Some companies with user experience in social commerce use social media instead of replicating the features of their own web stores. However, investment in social commerce should start with a clean and fresh slate.

First, there is a need to set up clear goals for social commerce versus social marketing. Social marketing goals involve costs of customer acquisition, social campaign popularity, number of “likes” on a page, and so on. Meanwhile, social commerce goals include revenue targets for products on various social networks.

Most of the time, social marketing helps achieve social commerce goals but there can be cases where social marketing goals are met while social commerce goals are not. This signals a need to change the approach in order to achieve the desired goals.

One way to start out with social commerce is through making a site on a marketplace like Facebook where your business can gain a following.

In case social marketplaces do not work for your business, setting up your own social commerce presence is another option. You don’t have to build your own separate store as there are several existing social commerce stores offering integration with prominent ecommerce platforms. With these options, automatic syncing of your social commerce store and web store helps you avoid doing everything twice.

Once you’ve entered social commerce, you can analyse the interaction among various users to gauge your customers’ sentiments regarding your company as well as your products.

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