Experts urge Hollywood to strengthen cybersecurity

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The recent hacking incident at Sony Pictures Entertainment should push Hollywood to beef up its security against hackers, according to experts who attended the recently held Content Protection Summit in Los Angeles, California.

“One of the things I have noticed this year, between gamer gate and Sony… is that people are starting to really understand the potential of this great technology to hurt people, and the need to be protected from bad actors in that sphere,” said John Landgraf, Chief Executive Officer of FX productions and FX Networks.

However, the stringent measures imposed by security personnel are being resisted by people working in the creative department, noted Bob Eicholz, Technicolor’s Senior VP for Technology and Content Security.

For example, some of them don’t know that the reason they are not allowed to browse the web at their workstations is because it prevents outsiders from breaching the company’s firewall.

Moreover, these cybersecurity measures are being viewed as detrimental to the creative process, added Eicholz.

Given the lax implementation of these measures, any teenager adept at using a computer can probably infiltrate most servers in the movie industry, said Adobe’s Corporate Director for global piracy conversion, Richard Atkinson.

“But they don’t have the motive. When you put those two things together, that’s when you have a problem, as we saw in the Sony situation.”

Finally, PricewaterhouseCoopers’ Managing Director of cybersecurity, Shafeeq Banthanavasi, noted that hacking incidents across the globe have surged by nearly 50 per cent from just 42.8 million cases last year.

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