EyeMobile CBS Answer to CNNs I Report

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Obviously, since CNN‘s popular I-Report started, other mainstream media outlets have been scrambling to find something similar to get their dwindling audiences more involved. So we now have CBS’ EyeMobile for iPhone users.

Using the company’s citizen journalism site, CBSEyeMobile.com, users can submit photos and videos of breaking news in their neighborhoods. In addition to uploading reports, users can also view and comment on existing ones from other users. Sort of like YouTube for mainstream news.

Given that both CNN and Fox News both air their viewer-submitted reports regularly, it’s likely that CBS will begin doing the same soon. CBS has set their offering apart, however, thanks to an iPhone-specific application that allows for instant integration with the site, so iPhone users can view, upload, and comment on submissions via their phones. CBS is also the first of the “big three” non-cable networks to begin using user-generated news like this.

We’ll see how well this takes off. The pieces are there for the puzzle to fit together beautifully, but if the marketing, user base, and popularity aren’t there, it won’t amount to much of anything. On the other hand, it could be this new trend will be the new way we view the news. Time will tell.

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