Facebook launches bullying prevention site

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Facebook and the Media Literacy Council (MLC) recently launched a bullying prevention site aimed at teaching the public what can be done about cyberbullying.

The site provides advice to victims, caregivers, and even the bullies themselves using step-by-step guides.

Cyberbullies are told why their actions were wrong and what they can do in order to make things right. The site even provides “conversation starters” that can help them convey their apology correctly.

“The Internet is just like the real world, but consequences are often magnified in the online world. It is our collective responsibility to make the world, Internet or otherwise, better,” stated MLC Chairman Professor Tan Cheng Han.

In a bid to promote greater awareness of the website, the MLC encourages schools to utilise the resource in their programme as well as share resources via on-the-ground engagements.

According to Farrell Nah, former cyberwellness student ambassador at Singapore’s School of Science and Technology, the tips provided on the website will help bullies realise what was wrong with their actions.

He shared an account of cyberbullying that occurred at his school in which the bullies did not know that they were actually hurting the victim’s feelings. He said that the bullies rectified their misunderstanding with the victim after he pointed it out to them.

Operations manager Madam Lu Jia Hui, who is also a mother of three, said the information is also important to parents.

“Because we are always working, this website is useful for parents who do not know what bullying is like. It gives clear guidelines on how to go about handling the situation sensitively,” she said.

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