Facebook most valuable platform to market events

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There has been a significant increase in the dollar value generated whenever a purchase or an event is shared on social media networks, according to the findings highlighted in online ticketing platform Eventbrite’s 2012 Social Commerce Report.

Compared to the last report in 2010, the dollar value of using these platforms for promotions has almost doubled, which indicates the undeniable influence of social media in marketing events.

Not surprisingly, the report cites Facebook as the most valuable platform for generating business, overtaking the rest of the social media sites that are commonly used at present.

Two years ago, Eventbrite compiled a similar social commerce report that takes a look at how businesses are selling their events via social networks. Interesting perceptions on how users share ticket purchases have been found two years after the last report.

For example, the value attributed to a share or “like” on Facebook in Australia is worth A$5.32 (£3.30), following Ireland’s A$10.37 (£6.44). A Twitter and LinkedIn share is worth $1.91 (£0.74) and $0.80 (£0.5) respectively.

Meanwhile, Twitter topped the other sites when it comes to driving traffic. Each tweet drives the traffic back to the organiser’s event page with an average of 40 visits, compared to an average of 19 visits for Facebook and just 16 visits to LinkedIn.

This clearly means that all of the major social networking sites have considerable influence on buyers’ purchases and in many cases are an effective platform for promotions and event marketing.

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