Fancy a faster Samsung S4?

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A faster model of the Galaxy S4 will likely be up for grabs in South Korea starting this month, reveals CEO J.K. Shin.

Powered by an all-new Qualcomm processor, the phone utilises LTE-advanced technology, meaning its internet connection speed surpasses existing 4G LTE connections by up to two times. This will lead to quicker downloads. For example, a movie that needs three minutes to download could only take one minute with the new technology, according to the South Korean giant.

At present, the company is negotiating with telcos from other countries regarding the marketing of the phone. However, Shin did not reveal which carriers or countries they had in mind.

Notably, the S4 has been the firm’s most popular phone to date, selling over ten million units in just one month. This is a feat that surpassed its predecessor, the Samsung S3.

However, both Samsung and Apple have recently noticed that sales of high-end smartphones appear to be slowing down as the market shows signs of saturation. Nevertheless, a faster S4 could entice people who are willing to spend money on the latest gadgets.

Moreover, the newer S4 is expected to come with a higher price tag than the existing version, which is priced from US$199 depending on the telco and the contract plan.

Samsung Electronics also announced last month that it will make a smaller variant of the S4 and that model is expected to be revealed on Thursday.

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