Fight distractions with MyFocus

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Individuals can find it hard to concentrate on their task given the various notifications they receive via smartphones, tablets and computers.

The solution – simply plug in your device with MyFocus, a one click button that allows individuals to disconnect digitally as well as IRL in order to finish a certain task.

A press of the button changes its colour to either red or green, with red warning those around you that you do not want to be disturbed. Since MyFocus can be plugged into tablets, computers and smartphones, it also helps to manage notifications from programs such as Skype and Outlook.

Its Kickstarter campaign features videos of the button reducing notifications from various programs on PCs, Macs, and Apple, Android and BlackBerry phones. It also changes the users’ status on other apps to busy, while turning off sound in notification.

MyFocus is yet to work with Facebook or Gmail, however.

In explaining the technology behind the button, Paul Chipperton, chief executive officer at MyFocus, said: “What we’ve done is look at the laptop platforms and each of the major smartphone platforms, and simply through understanding the operating systems and how they provide notification from each platform – say Outlook or an instant-messaging platform – we found the code that does that and we’ve written our own code to intersect.”

The MyFocus app can be downloaded by users to their phone, while the device can be plugged in to their computers. Since it does not operate on batteries, the button derives power from the user’s laptop, albeit a very minimal amount.

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