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cars for a grand.jpgFrom the aptly named to, and even eBay, there are more ways than ever to buy cars sight “unseen” online.

Here is the funny thing: While most American consumers aren’t 100 percent trusting of used car lost lizards wearing spray-on hair and clip-on ties, apparently they are trusting of strangers whose hands they can’t even shake before sealing the deal.

It’s one thing to buy a Mercedes Benz online, but another to buy yourself a winter beater or a ‘93 Corolla for your daughter in college. That’s why works. The sheer convenience of car shopping online can outweigh the odds of getting shafted for $350.

While the cheap car shopping portal says it searches for sweet deals all over the Net, our randomly selected vehicle listings were only linked from eBay motors, which is an efficient business model but poses a problem for shoppers. Just because the current bid for a car is less than $1,000 doesn’t mean it will sell for $1,000 or less.

I found 15 used cars in my backyard, including an ’85 Oldsmobile Regency ($605) and a 2006 Mini Cooper ($710). And that brings us to one more hitch with buying a car from a virtual parking lot: Getting it home. If your dream machine is on the other side of the country – even if it is $1,000 or less - most car shopping sites leave getting it home to the buyer. And if you take a plane to pick up that new ride and it turns out there was some voodoo worked with the pics and the odometer has Duct tape over it, that lonely return plane ride will be a tough pill to swallow.

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