Flare Card: Bringing a New Modern Edge to the Business Card

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Business cards are still very important but in today’s modern world, they do not have the same edge they used to have.

This is why a new site called Flare Card is almost certain to be a success if enough business people find out about it and try it.  What does it do? It lets you maximize the information that best represents you professionally.  Most modern businesses have a website, a blog, and several social media site profiles as well.  This does not make life easy when it comes to telling people all about you.

This excess of information is the reason behind the ingenuity of Flare Card.  The card uses a QR code to hold all kinds of information about your online persona.  You can link to your main business website, but you can also provide links to your blog and your social media account profiles.  This allows people to see whatever information they wish, instead of being limited to just one or two things.

You set up a free account with Flare Card and then populate it with all the relevant information.  You can then print them out or display your QR code wherever it makes the most sense to do so.  When people scan the code with their smartphone, they will get the information you have set up for them.  This is the new and easy way to create a smart business card.

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  1. Daniel Arroyo

    March 19, 2012 at 4:00 pm

    Thanks for the review of FlareCard. For those interested here’s the link to the site: http://www.flarecard.com

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