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FreeTime Time Management Online

Submitted by Craig Agranoff on Sunday, 4 January 2009 5 Comments

FreeTime is a browser-based software application for managing your time. Especially if your job description includes timesheets and project updates. It works as a widget that can be used during tasks to note what you’ve done or are doing and as a database from which managers or users to pull reports to see current progress.

For most in creative or knowledge-based IT fields, this kind of tracking and report filing can be the most mundane part of the job. FreeTime is hoping to minimize the time and effort required for this, cutting out the need to rewrite or re-file project updates and information.

The site is straight-forward and easy to use, with a free 30-day trial to get you started. The widget can be used on their site (with a login) or as a plug-in to your own site. Time tracking, budgets, deadlines, and more can be tracked using FreeTime and reports, graphs, and so forth can be pulled or created in real time.

Secure logins and other features are there, of course, as are team management tools and client communications tools. The widget works with most major browsers and desktops.

FreeTime was created by a team of designers for in-house use and has been in development and use for about a year. The group (Zoo2) opened FreeTime for public use just recently. The widget works on the desktop while the browser applications (and browser-based widget, if you prefer to use it) work in-browser.

Most everything from the dashboard reports and graphs can be downloaded and integrated into reporting tools like MS Office, OpenOffice, etc. Subscriptions start at $9.95/month for personal use and go up to 25 users at $99.95/month. The subscription can be customized for individual business needs.

This could be a useful tool for the small design/development house, for freelancers who need a time-management tool they can link clients to, and for managers who are tired of complaints about their overbearing time tracking requirements.

It’s worth trying for at least the free 30 days to find out if it’ll work for you.

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  • Amisha Ekaant

    Thanks for sharing this great post! In today’s life, we can differentiate ourself by our ability to handle information and manage our time. We all know managing our time effectively allows us to get more done and also improves the impact of our efforts and reduces stress.

    For better time management, I have been using Replicon’s ( ) software. It has been one of the most helpful applications we’re using in our office. I’m sure everyone would love its instant payment and multilingual features.

  • Milo

    Timecamp delivers an accurate and simple app for automatic time tracking with graphic timesheets.

    It has 30 days free trail.

  • Céline Arave

    I’d recommend you to give a spin as well. Highly effective tool to track time as well as to manage team. Highly recommended tool for small as well as large business.