Gather: A new app for micro-meetups

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Creating micro-meetups has just gotten a lot easier thanks to the new mobile application Gather. This app allows users to share their intended plans and quickly post them on social networks.

One notable advantage of this app is that it centralises friends’ plans by providing notifications so you don’t have to constantly check your Facebook and Twitter accounts for news and updates.

The latest app was created by Mikeal Rogers, a former developer at Mozilla, and Max Ogden, Open Web Developer at Code for America. Rogers and Ogden have been working together with the goal of developing an “achievement engine for the real world.”

Gather works in conjunction with Twitter and Facebook. It also offers a “nearby” feed that can show posts from within just a few miles.

Rogers is quick to point out that Gather does not intend to compete with event services like Cvent, Meetup, and Eventbrite, saying “those have a lot of infrastructure behind them.”

“We don’t even require an end time for an event. You just put in a start time, a place from Foursquare, and a name for it, and you’re ready to go.”

“We really wanted to be much more lightweight…what a tweet is to blogging, we are to”

Currently, the app works for Foursquare check-in support and calendar integration. There is an Android version but at present it only works on Android 4.0 and above.

A model for business applications has yet to be determined. The team plans to first observe how people use Gather and whether the app is gaining interest.

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