Google buys Wavii for more than US $30m

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In an effort to provide more direct answers and facts to every query and web search, Google has recently acquired Wavii, a start-up founded by Adrian Aoun that specialises in natural language processing, for over US $30 million.

Interestingly, both Google and Apple vied for the start-up based in Seattle, which had created its own natural summarisation algorithms and aggregation technology. While Apple wanted Wavii for its Siri division, the 25-person-strong start-up was eventually bought by Google, and is now part of Google’s Knowledge Graph division.

According to a previous report from the Business Insider, Google and Apple fiercely competed for Wavii. Moreover, the deal follows Yahoo’s US $30 million acquisition of Summly, an app made by a UK high school student that can also summarise content.

Furthermore, Google will likely use the start-up to boost its ability to provide exact, factual and direct web search results via its platforms such as Knowledge Graph, Google News, and Google Now as well as Google Glass.

Google has not yet officially announced the acquisition. Considering that the market for content aggregation and summary apps is heating up, the real issue boils down to how these services will manage to summarise information and news stories without breaching copyright law, noted Time magazine.

Meanwhile, the Associated Press (AP) has won a legal case against Norway-based news aggregator Meltwater, who failed to license their content from AP. While Wavii provides credit and links to the original source, Yahoo and Google should tread carefully.

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