Google expands market for Chromecast

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Chromecast, Google’s finger-sized gadget that allows people to upload video content from their mobile devices onto a high-definition TV set, was launched in Canada and Europe on March 19, eight months after its American debut.

Aside from Canada, Chromecast was rolled out in ten Eurozone countries: Italy, Spain, France, Norway, Finland, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom.

The device can be linked to a TV’s HDMI port, allowing the latter to stream videos from a laptop, tablet or smartphone via a Wi-Fi network. A smartphone can also function as a remote control.

“Chromecast is the easiest way to bring your favourite online movies, shows, music and more to the TV screen,” said Google’s Director of Product Management Mario Queiroz.

In addition, the company has opened up Chromecast to software developers, with 3,000 individuals signing up to create content for the platform.

This means people will no longer have to squint at the small screen of their smartphone in order to make out what is happening in their favourite movies, such as on-demand videos in Netflix and their favourite videos on YouTube.

However, content will be different for each country. For example, Britons can use the gadget to watch BBC programmes, while the French can view SFR TV and FranceTV Pluzz.

Although there are already other devices on the market with the same function as Chromecast, the search giant is optimistic that its small size and cheap price of €35 (US$49) will beat other competitors, especially Apple’s Air Play.

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