Google+ finds new ally with The Fancy

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In a bid to provide more services to its growing circles, Google+ has created an alliance with The Fancy, a photo sharing ecommerce site that is supported by Jack Dorsey, CEO of mobile payment firm Square.

Under this new partnership, users can sign in to The Fancy via Google+ and they will be able to purchase and share merchandise on the social network. Users can also buy an item directly from Google+ or contribute to gifts showcased at the ecommerce start-up.

On top of that, users can now download The Fancy’s application automatically for Android-powered devices. At present, this app is available on the web, Windows mobile, Android tablets, Android smartphones, iPads and iPhones.

Notably, The Fancy is one of the first portals to use Google’s latest “Sign in with Google+” button, although users may also sign in through Twitter and Facebook.

The partnership marks the maiden venture of Google+ into the ecommerce scene. Facebook has already launched its “gifts” feature, which allows users to purchase items directly from their news feeds.

Developed by Joseph Einhorn, The Fancy aims to connect people via shared tastes, allowing them to buy merchandise that they like. However, unlike other online retailers, it does not promote ads. Instead, users search for products they want. They then indicate the desirability of products by liking them, and the vendors decide the price. The site then sells the item and takes a percentage from what the buyer pays.

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