Google Founder in Court

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Larry Page, founder and chief executive of Google, was in court this week in San Francisco for what has been described by many industry experts as a significant battle over smartphone patents as well as copyright between two of the most influential men in Silicon Valley.

Google has been accused by Oracle head Larry Ellison of using his company’s intellectual property to build Google’s Android system, which is Java-based and is used in over 300 million mobile devices across the globe.  Mr. Page himself said that he had no knowledge of any internal discussions regarding any licensing requirements when it came to using Oracle’s Java programming language.

Oracle is making a claim for $1 billion in damages and licensing fees from Google.

In one of the exchange’s that took place in court this week, the lawyer acting for Oracle, David Boyes, asked Google’s chief “Would it have been a violation of Google policy for Google engineers to copy copyrighted materials of other companies?” to which Mt. Page replied that Google was “very careful about what information we used and what we did not use”, before adding: “Again, as I said yesterday, I think we did nothing wrong.”

Oracle is offered by Sun Microsystems to developers to use for free in some instances, however it does require a license in some others.  The trial is expected to last eight weeks due to the complexities of these licensing agreements and promises to offer much debate in the world of open source programming.

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