Google launches lab for new breed of reporters

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Tech giant Google has unveiled an online laboratory to further advance the field of journalism in an age where the internet reigns supreme, according to a report from The Times.

Laboratory Head Steve Grove said the lab aims to teach entrepreneurs and journalists how to incorporate the latest technological breakthroughs when reporting news.

Some of the topics being taught at include researching, reporting, news distribution, and taking advantage of analytics tools.

“Now, journalists around the world can access tutorials on these products created specifically for newsrooms. From Maps to YouTube to Fusion Tables to Earth to Search, we offer many tools that newsrooms can use in their reporting and storytelling,” he explained.

The firm, which is based in Mountain View, California, is also currently collaborating with hackers, technologists, journalists, and other stakeholders on programs geared towards empowering a new breed of reporters and shaping the future of news reporting and information dissemination.

“As both the media landscape and technology continue to evolve, we believe we can create a more informed world if technologists and journalists work together,” Grove added.

YouTube plans to set up a “newswire” of eyewitness footage and a separate project for videos connected to human rights and social justice.

The YouTube Newswire will feature an organised feed of the most important eyewitness footage of the day. It will be checked by a team of editors from the social news group Storyful, according to a blog post from the popular video site.

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