Google takes leap forward in wearable computing

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Google has recently revealed details of a secret product aimed at staking a lead in the rapidly expanding and futuristic market of wearable computing.  Making an announcement in San Francisco, the internet giants announced that they have been working on internet-connected glasses.  Still in the prototype stage, the glasses will offer users a small see-through screen which will sit above the person’s eye and offer them access to maps and other data.  Controlled by the use of voice commands, the glasses are expected to also allow users to message friends.

With Google’s rivals Apple also reportedly working on wearable computers it is believed that Google currently hold the lead in what is sure to be a profitable market with a Google employee commenting “This puts Google out in front of Apple; they are a long ways ahead at this point,” said Michael Liebhold, a senior researcher specializing in wearable computing at the Institute for the Future in Palo Alto, Calif. “In addition to having a superstar team of scientists who specialize in wearable, they also have the needed data elements, including Google Maps.”

The prototype, which was unveiled this week, appears to be an ordinary pair of wrap around glasses however they have no glass in the frames.  While opinion is still divided as to whether people will be happy to walk around with a computer screen in front of their eyes Google are certain that wearable computing is not far from becoming a regular part of people’s lives.

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