Google+ – Traffic Starts Dropping for the First Time

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Whenever Google does anything it always garners headlines across the web.  This was certainly the case when it launched its first proper social network, Google+ a few weeks ago.

But now it has hit the headlines for a different reason.  According to research done by Hitwise, the social network has started to lose traffic already.  It was originally launched on Tuesday 28th June, and traffic started to climb steadily over the first couple of days before dipping slightly for the first week of July.  However it then started to pick up again and the week ending on 16th July saw it grab 1.86 million visits overall.

The big change occurred the following week when the overall traffic dropped to 1.79 million.  The big question is whether this trend will continue, or whether it is just a blip in the general picture.  Whenever a new social network springs up everyone is interested in what it has to offer to begin with.  But then it has a tendency to drop back as the initial excitement wanes, so perhaps this is not so unusual after all.

The good news is that Google+ has managed to sign up more than 20 million people in just three weeks.  This is a huge achievement so perhaps it is right that Google should not be worried about whether it has managed to sustain the early surge of traffic.  The drop in traffic is fairly small too, so we shall see whether it matters much in the long run.

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