Google unveils mobile ads buy button

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In keeping with the general trend towards intuitive ads, Google has announced a new feature designed to give users a more streamlined purchasing experience. “Purchases on Google” is designed to make it simpler for consumers to buy a product directly from the ad instead of having being redirected to the supplier’s website.

The innovation has been in development for some time. It was reported in the Wall Street Journal as far back as May, but it appears that Google is now ready to roll it out. The most obvious change for consumers will be the appearance of a buy button in some promotional mobile search results. If this button is selected, consumers will be taken to a page where they can purchase the product.

Although it might appear that Google is handling the transaction, the advertising company actually processes the user’s order. Google will simply host the arrangement. Google has said that their intention is to reduce the friction experienced by consumers when trying to make purchases, particularly on mobile devices.

The new feature will certainly help consumers, and retailers stand to benefit from a higher ratio of purchases when people see their advert. The retailer’s branding will be heavily displayed on each transaction page to ensure that consumers are satisfied with the product they are buying. Customers will also have the option of searching again for another product.

Google said they are working in partnership with “a dozen or so” companies to test the new feature over the next few weeks. They plan to increase availability across the United States during 2015.

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