Google Will Overtake Facebook in Display Ad Market

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Sometimes it seems as if Facebook is the market leader in every category.  This, however, will not be the case for long when it comes to display advertising.  According to the latest reports, Google is lining up to overtake the social media giant in 2013.  The estimate comes from EMarketer and it calculates that 19.8% of the market will go to Google, while Facebook will take just 17.7%.  This seems to be attributed to growth by Google, but also to a slowdown in growth by Facebook.

At the moment, Facebook is still ahead, but according to the figures put together by EMarketer, 2012 could be the last time Facebook enjoys this position. Google has been making considerable strides in this area and while it is still enjoying growth, Facebook seems to be levelling out slightly.

The main thing to remember with these figures is that they are merely estimates.  Until 2013 dawns and we find out exactly what these two companies can achieve in the marketplace, it is impossible to tell whether they will be swapping positions as EMarketer predicts.  Facebook had a good year in 2011 as they shot past Yahoo in this market.  Now they have Google snapping at their heels, so it will be interesting to see how the two companies perform during 2012.  It may be that Google closes the gap as the year progresses, getting closer to the number one position in the display ad market as a result.

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  1. Logo Design

    March 1, 2012 at 7:03 am

    Wow! Facebook is on the Top!!!
    but Google is Google, it can beat facebook!

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